Life is filled with interesting activities to pursue; skills to develop, hobbies to improve. It’s an everyday challenge to develop and improve the skills you want without a structured solution. Systems are everywhere; in nature, in science and even in spirituality. A process/tool that is ‘integratable’ into almost any activity or skill you endure and want to improve on a daily basis is needed ASAP.

Firstly I want to tell you a story about my own experience and how I came across this process. I had started reading a book I found in a box in the garage full of dust for the purpose of passing time. This book is based on the concept of producing a specific output using the available resources in the shortest amount of time. It was used by a man who changed the way we travel and transport goods. The name of the book is called ‘The Productivity Prescription’ by David Bain, who has also worked in one of the factories of this man who changed the automobile industry for the better. The name of this ‘gamechanger’ is Mark Ford. He used a formula that commercialized automobiles. This process is called ‘Productivity’, and has disrupted the concept of automobiles. As I was reading the book I started to realize that the ‘productivity’ process can be used for my own personal activities. 

Proper analyzing of activities in terms of skills improvement is essential for your own preservation for the long-term. Processing and analyzing the data from the activities you endure on a day-to-day basis is vital in order to properly understand and improve on those activities for skills improvement reasons. Whether you’re exercising, trading or reading, performance monitoring is of utmost importance in terms of self-improvement as a whole.

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